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Dianne Flynn, Director of Children's Ministries

Dianne Flynn

Dianne moved to the Chicago suburbs in 1970, after graduating from Western Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Education.  She has been an administrator and a teacher, working with children of all ages.  Serving her church has always been an important part of her life, and she has served as a Sunday school teacher, superintendent, a member of numerous committees, and is an ordained elder of the church.  In 1994 she was called to her current position here at our church.

To contact Dianne visit our contact page.

Debbie Zimmerman, Custodian

Debbie Zimmerman

Debbie Zimmerman has been our church's custodian since 2006.
Debbie and her husband, Scott, have two children, Megan and Kyle. The Zimmermans have been attending our church since 1994, and participate in many different committees, activities and aspects of the church.
Debbie and Scott most recently went to Honduras on a mission trip at the end of 2008, and have been on the Kentucky Mission for 6 years.
Debbie also teaches Sunday school and helps with Kids Club.


Class of 2015 Class of 2016 Class of 2017
Shrley Brunell Dave Delaney Cheryl Huenecke
Karen Hoffman Susan Frangella Lou Pearson
Toni Kenealy Ed Kasper Jean Swearingen
Patt Pilgrim Tom Morrell Scott Zimmerman


Class of 2015 Class of 2016 Class of 2017
Kim Ambrosat Darlene Delaney Evelyn Garlic
Donna Bredlau Maryann Fellers Bob Nordstrom, Jr.
Beth Kommenich Carol Sack Dawn Rellinger


Committee Chair Session Rep
Building & Grounds Charley Huenecke Cheryl Huenecke
Christian Education Dianne Flynn Jean Swearingen
Susan Frangella Karen Hoffman
Fundraising Susan Frangella Susan Frangella
Mission Dave Delaney Dave Delaney
Nominating Gordon Home Karen Hoffman
Outreach Gordon Home
Personnel Sue Orsic
Worship & Music Darlene Delaney Dave Delaney
Praise Worship Cindy Treccani Cheryl Huenecke

Our History

Original Hickory Hills Presbyterian Church

The Hickory Hills Presbyterian Church has a rich history dating back more than 50 years:

  • 1951, September - We began as a Sunday school in the North Palos School building across the street from the current location after a survey by the Church Extension Board of the Chicago Presbytery
  • 1951, November - An organization was formed for the purpose of forming a church; meetings were held under the name “North Palos Community Church”.
  • 1953, January 18th - Our name was changed to “Hickory Hills Community Church” after the Chicago Presbytery granted our church a charter.
  • 1966 - The word “community” was dropped from our name and we took on our current name “Hickory Hills Presbyterian Church”.
  • 1960’s & 1970’s - The Women’s Association collected small amounts of money and socks and mittens, the start of the sock and mitten tree.
  • 1970’s - Our Church began its long standing relationship with the Jones Community Center in Chicago Heights.
  • 1980’s - Our church’s missions were concentrated on raising money for the Presbytery’s missions, including the One Great Hour of Sharing.
  • 1988 - The Tree of Warmth, as it is now known, was brought back to benefit the Jones Center.
  • 1990’s - Our Deacons Board was change to the “Congregational Care Committee”, or the CCC, which assumed the responsibilities of the Board of Deacons, Prayer and Care, Worship and Music, Mission, and Fellowship committees.
  • 1994, October 3rd – Seeking to serve the neighborhood children, Kids Club was created, and we invited them and our members’ children to attend. We welcome children to participate in an hour and a half of structured fun time each week. “Where kids are #1” has been our Kids Club motto since its inception.
  • 1999, December - Our first expansion was dedicated, and included a gym, new offices, and new class rooms.
  • 2000, April 1st - A historical merger for the Presbytery of Chicago took place between our church, Trinity Presbyterian Church and Chicago Ridge Presbyterian Church.
  • 2000, April - The Fund for the Human Need was carried over from Trinity Presbyterian church. This fund continues to bless our brothers and sisters in need while preserving the benefactors’ anonymity.
  • 2000 - After the merger we once again formed a Board of Deacons consisting of only 6 members. The board was responsible for introducing new ministries, and some of the CCC’s duties.
  • 2000 - The Mission Council 8 Kentucky Mission trip was introduced to our congregation, and the number of our missionaries grows every year.
  • 2003 - Our second expansion, including the new Sanctuary, and class rooms, was dedicated.
  • 2004 - Our Board of Deacons was increased to 18 members, elected and ordained, to handle the growing congregation. Consistent congregational contact has increased and improved, thanks to our Deacons.
  • 2006, July - We sponsored 34 mission workers from our congregation who spent a week in the Appalachian Mountains of southeastern Kentucky serving those in need.
  • 2006, November 12th - We created a new praise worship service, Rev, that introduced more contemporary Christian music to our congregation.
  • 2010, August 1st - Lara MacGregor started her call as our full time Designated Pastor.

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